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Arrival/departure times

The house stands on the day of arrival from 16.00 hours and departure until 10.30 hours (11.00 hours on Sunday) at your disposal. If the opportunity arises Noordwijk Holidays may decide to start the check-in at 15.00 hours only in wintertime.

In the weekends there are different times. Please call us a few days before arrival to make an appointment for the check-in.

Lazy-Sunday: if you wish to use the holiday house until 18.00 hours on Sunday, please ask Noordwijk Holidays if it is possible for € 50.00 (Buitenplaats Witte Raaf aan Zee € 75.00) to book the Lazy-Sunday.

Cancellation Insurance:

We urgently recommend to take a Cancellation Insurance. By taking the cancellation insurance you can protect yourself against the costs of a cancellation of the villa or apartment. (Consider article 8) This insurance only counts when one of the travel companions:

a) Gets sick or wounded as a result of an accident
b) When someone dies in your direct family that means: dying of the husband or wife, parents, parents in law, children brothers or sisters.

Moreover this insurance compensates you for the cancellation costs if the head of the family:

a) Receives a recall for rise for the military service, different than a mobilisation;
b) Involuntary becomes unemployed.

Taking part in the cancellation insurance is only possible by when you are making the reservation. The cancellation insurance gives cover from the day of reservation up to the day of departure. At interim departure, the reasons called for one above, repayment takes place pro rata of the number of nights you didn’t stay. You must communicate the evacuation of the villa immediately at the reception. Used extra’s (bed sheets, insurances, etc) won’t be compensated at interim departure. By cancellation there won’t be a refund of:

a) Cancellation insurance
b) Administrative costs, of € 50.00.

The villa will be cancelled directly after the telephone task. Revocation is no longer possible then.

Bed sheets- Towel service:

Bed sheets is required on all reservations of Noordwijk Holidays. The beds are made upon arrival, your vacation begins immediately. Towels and kitchen towels can be ordered separately.

Bread service:

You can order fresh bread except on Sunday and Holidays. The order you need to hand in at the reception before 17.00 PM and on Saturday before 12.00 AM (Your order for Monday morning). You can pick up your bread the next morning at 09.00 hours at the reception.


Usually energy costs are included.

Elektrische oplaadpunten

At the reception of Noordwijk Vakanties are 2 charging stations for your car. Buitenplaats Witte Raaf aan Zee also has 2 charging stations at your disposal. If desired, there are also 2 holiday homes with its own charging pole


For Hiring a Bycicle, Childrens Bike, E-bike, Dog –or childtrailer please contactour neighbour.
Fietsverhuur Noordwijk
Duindamseweg 7
2204 AS Noordwijk


In a limited number of houses pets are allowed. Ask about the possibilities. Pets € 10.00 per night per pet

Local Government Tax:

The tax has been set at € 2.15 per person per night regardless of age.


At your holiday home there is parking availability for one or two cars. All other cars need to park in places designated for it. Parking is only allowed on paved roads, do not park on the grass. At the reception you may park your car for at most 12 minutes.

Recron conditions:

All reservations at Noordwijk Holidays are Recron Application Conditions.

Travel directions:

Address: Duindamseweg 7, 2204 BK Noordwijk
Coördination: N 52.26786 E 4.46993
Public Transport:

Service Costs:

For all bookings service fee will be charged. This is for handling the reservations, free parking, digital the information, free download of the App and backpack with local information.


To ensure the quality of the houses of Noordwijk Holidays, cleaning is obligated by third parties. The rates vary and are mentioned on the website.

The houses must be delivered broom clean and tidy.
We also assume that the dishes will be left behind clean, the bed sheets is collected and the waste bags are deposited in the container. We ask for your understanding.

Departure on Saturday/Sunday we will have to charge an extra of 50/100% of the cleaning costs.


In the houses there is no phone available. We recommend to bring your mobile phone.