Kleyn Noordwijk Ready for rent from april 15th.

In a beautiful setting, just outside Noordwijk, Park Kleyn Noordwijk is located on the edge of a vast forest, dune, beach and sea area. Here 5 beautiful country houses are being realized with recreational use. Due to the small scale and sustainable way of building, these homes offer pleasant comfort.

The location of the park is unique in several respects. There are only a few places in the Randstad where the adjacent nature is large enough for hours of walks or bike rides through the forest, dunes and beach where the foxes, pheasants, rabbit and deer will be regularly seen.

The country houses are situated on spacious plots ranging from 375 to 500 m² of private land, with spacious free zones to the adjacent plots. A standard layout has been made for the homes with a total living area of 115 m²:

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Kleyn Noordwijk


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Kleyn Noordwijk


  • Approximately 145 m² living space
  • 3 Bedrooms - 8 beds
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 3 Parking spaces
  • Spacious Lot
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