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General park conditions of Noordwijk Holidays

Head Rule:

You behave as such that nobody provides inconvenience of you. Grant yourself and your fellows guests of enjoying the occasion of the holiday.


We can’t take reservations serious of people below 16 years. A reservations becomes definitive when the calculation has been done. When you haven’t received a confirmation within 10 days after the booking has been made, get in contact with the reception. The person who makes the reservation and his company are bounded in everything what’s in the general conditions.


a) When you have made reservations, and the total amount comes to € 250,00, you have to pay the whole amount when you have received the bill. When the amount is over € 250,00, you will have to pay within 14 days 50% of the total amount.

b) The remain has to be paid at least 4 weeks before your arrival. When the payment isn’t completed, we can dissolve the reservation. The payment that we already have received cannot be resituated.

c) By reservations that are made within less 4 weeks before arrival, the whole amount has to be paid immediately.

Long term reservations:

When you make a booking in a period where the prices aren’t known yet, you will receive in a few days the confirmation. You can cancel without costs up to 14 days after you have received the invoice with the definitive rent amount.

Group reservations:

There can be put special conditions for group reservations. For example this applies for the guarantee and the persons who are in charge. Groups of young people until the age of 25 are not allowed in july and august. The deposit for young people until the age of 25 is € 100.00 per person.  The deposti for groups in general is always € 100.00 per person.

What's included:

The agreed prices is including the costs for gas, water and electricity unless there is a different agreement. Tourist Tax isn’t included, costs are: € 2.15 per person, per night. The costs for the cleaning, bed sheets and service costs are going to be charged also.

Reserve with special prefaces:

During your reservation you can announce your possible preferences of the villa(s) and apartments. These announcements aren’t binding. When your preferences are granted, we will charge you € 25.00/€ 35.00 for the administration costs.


Cancellation apply according The Recron Conditions.


All guests must keep themselves to the park regulation. These are concerning to: rest period in the night. By arrival you can ask at the reception for the General Park Conditions. By violation of the conditions you will be evicted of the park. You won’t get a refund. During your stay, you will have to keep your villa clean.

Persons who are staying over for the night, have to get themselves registered for the night register. Visitors of our guests are always welcome. They have to let themselves get registered at the reception and must leave before 22:00.


We accept no liability for:

a) robbery, loss or damage, of what kind of nature, during a stay.
b) The getting out of order from technical equipment and bursting out or closing supplies in the park.

Care for the accommodation:

The guests must use the villa and the supplies in the park with care and according the destination and maintain. The tenants are responsible for all loss and/or damage to the object and / or inventory. Irrespective or this damage and / or this loss the consequence is of failure or actions of themselves or third parties. Noordwijk Holidays has the right to desire a deposit of € 100.00. This deposit will be returned when the villa is left behind as it shout be. Possible compensation claims are annulled by this repayment. Each villa is a private possession. We ask urgently to leave the complete inventory where it belongs, don’t take it with you to another villa. In every villa is an inventory list. Check it when you arrive. When the list isn’t complete you will have to notify the reception in less than 24 hours and report what’s missing.

When during your stay something breaks or gets lost, you have to notify Noordwijk Holidays. Noordwijk Holidays will replace it against a compensation. For damages with an amount above € 100.00, you can get a proof for the insurance.

It has not been permitted to use other electric machines than those who belong to the villa. You also can’t use the bed sheets outside of the house. The inside furniture cannot be used outside of the house.